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One of the pride for Yogyakarta is Prambanan Hindu temple, the remain of Hindu classical Periode. Based on the finding of stone statue of God Shiva and depiction on the reliefs, it was clear that the temple was dedicated to the Hindu gods. An Prambanan Hindu temple inscription issued in 856 AD mentioned about inauguration of a holy construction for God Shiva, among which is also mentioned the name of a king His Majesty Jatiningrat or Rakai Pikatan. Rakai Pikatan was said struggling against Bala Putra Dewa whom he at last was able to subdue and the kingdom was given to His Majesty Dyah Pitaloka or identified as Rakai Kayuwangi 851 - 852 AD. The inscription also mentioned the construction of a dwarapala, a drainage system on the temple and the river's current replacement down to the side of temple yard.

Candi Prambanan Location
Candi Prambanan located on the administration area of Sleman, at the village of Bokoharjo, 16 kms from the center of Yogyakarta city, on the side of main road from Yogyakarta to Solo city. Sleman is one of the lower administrative area under the special province of Yogyakarta.

Candi Prambanan Lay Out
Prambanan temple complex is divided into 3 squares, the main or the first square located in the center, the second in lower and middle yard, and the third is the lowest or the outside yard. The first square measures 110 m x 110 m, Second square 220 m x 220 m, and the third square is 330 m x 330 m.

First Square
In the first square there are six big temples standing in two rows from north to south. At the west side we find the three bigger temple. Shiva temple as the main temple flanked by the Vishnu temple ( north ). and Brahma temple ( south ) all are facing east. On the east there are three smaller temples are called Vahana ( mount ) all facing west. Nandi temple in the center, Garuda temple in the south and Angsa temple in the north. At the north end and south end of the square, between the two rows of the temple mentioned above are two Apit temples. In each corner of the first square there are small temples, the temple are called Sudut temple. And the temple in front of the entrance are the Kelir temple.

The Shiva Temple
The central or biggest temple at the Prambanan temple complex is Shiva or widely known as the temple of Rorojonggrang. It is called Shiva temple, because in that temple it was found a statue of Shiva. Prambanan has shown the concept Trinity, what is now current in Bali Hindu. Shiva temple has 3 parts, Reef, body and roof. The body of the temple represents that world in which human beings released from worldly matters. The reef of the temple stand for the highest world in where gods considered reside. The temple has its front to the east, and stairs on this side are wider than three others. On the outer side of the base there is a balustrade which covers the gallery around the temple, with a control chamber and three cellas ( small rooms ). The most important part of Shiva temple is the statue found in the control chamber. In the other smaller cellas was found the statue of Shiva as Mahaguru ( Supreme teacher ), in the southern cella, the statue of Ganesha, a god with elephant head in the western cella, and statue of Durgamahisasuramardini, the spouse of Shiva as the rulers of Universe. In the northern cella, the statue of Durgamahisasuramardini known also as Rorojongrang, and this name derived from the folk legend of the people living around Prambanan. If at the start, we enter the Shiva temple on front east side and keep walking a long the gallery of the temple walls. This relief describes the story of Ramayana. There are 41 panels of Ramayana story each measures 34 x 34 m and 47 m high.

Brahma Temple
Located at the south of Shiva temple, and smaller in size. It measure 20 x 20 m and 33 m high, and it has only one fligh of stars at the eastern side ascending the base. There is only one chamber in the body of the temple and the chamber faces east, containing the statue of God Brahma. The Brahma's statue is described with for heads. It is beautiful statue and it is a pity the statue has been damaged.

Nandi Temple
It measure 15 x 15 cm and 25 m high. The temple has only one chamber contains Nanti's ( Nandi means buffalo ) statue, approximately 2 m long. The temple lies in front of Shiva temple.

Angsa Temple and Garuda Temple
Angsa means goose, and Garuda means big bird ( falcon ). Located at front of Brahma and Vishnu temples. Each measures 13 x 13 m, and 22 m high.

Apit Temple
Apit temples made up as twin temple flaked at the both lines of the temple. The twin temple measure 6 x 6 m, 16 m high. It shows the position of each door way, one facing north, and one facing south.

Kelir Temple
In the central square, aside of the big temples, there are also 4 temples each of the Kelir temple situated in every passage of the central yard, measuring 1.55 x 1.55 m.

Sudut Temple
There are 4 temples and each standing in 4 corners. The size is 1.55 x 1.55 m and height 4.1 m. The different between from other small temples is this temple has no entering ladder

Local Myth

One of the Prince of Yogyakarta was falling love with the Goddess of the south Sea. The goddess only accept the Prince love if he can build for her a thousand candis ( temples ) within a night, and the prince with his magical knowledge happy to welcome the temptation. He then started to build the candis, and just minutes toward the last candis, the queen so worry and ordered all cock to shouting of morning wake up, causing the prince feel that he has been failure to fulfil his promise. So the prince now fail to merry the goddess of the south and only make the sculpture of the goddess and put on the main niche of the temple which is now known as the slender virgin. The myth of the South Sea goddess until now is become the secret of the Palace of Sultanate, weather it was imaginary figure or real beautiful woman, no one knows. of Yogyakarta, as every year there is a ceremony for the goddess, and was believed one of the Price ever truly married with her and giving strong power to the kingdom. This sculpture is actually the depiction of Dewi Tara a myth of Shiva spouse who practice the magic. So Prambanan temple is basically the worship of Shivaite sectarian.

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