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IYogyakarta is one of the special province of Indonesia lies in central Java between 7o33" south, 110o east. Covering land area of 3.185,80 square kms, divided into 5 Kabupaten administrations namely Yogyakarta municipality covers 32.50 square kms, Sleman covers 574.82 square kms, Bantul covers 506.86 square kms, Kulonprogo 586.27 square kms, and Gunung Kidul covers 1.485.36 square kms. At the northern border is standing the most active volcano in Indonesia

merapilist Mount Merapi on which slope at the height of 1200 meters above sea level still can be found villages known at the area as Cangkringan, the most dangerous place for people to stay actually, although traditionally the Sultan of Yogyakarta already station mountain watcher closer to the crater known as Embah Marijan, who is believed to be able to reveal if the eruption will be dangerous or not, if evacuation further needed or not.

Average temperature lies between 26o C and 28oC with minimum 18oC and maximum 35oC. In the city of yogyakarta is a bit higher due to density of population and concrete implantation. The level of humidity is between 56% to 84% depending on season. As other parts of Indonesia the season is distinctively two, we season starts from September to March and dry season on the reverse.

palaceThe number of population based on 1994 registration was 3.124.280 with the most densely populated is Yogyakarta city, having 461.800 residents with only 32.50 square kms area. The area of yogyakarta with active mount Merapi has attracted people to come and stay in the area knowing its fertile and, although it has been quiet dangerous from the volcanic eruption. Since 1945 the city has been one of the basis of struggle fro independence and resistance under the support of the Sultan.

Historically Yogyakarta is one of the biggest kingdom of hindu-Buddhist in Indonesia, recorded on various inscriptions as early as 732 AD. King Sanjaya named his kingdom Mataram. Shivait Hinduism is clearly the main belief during the time with the finding of ancient temple ruins.

dienglist Dieng Plateau 125 kms north of Yogyakarta city at the area of Kabupaten Wonosobo. At the same era appeared a dynasty called Cailendra with Buddhism as the palace religion who built Borobudur temple under the king Sri Kahulunan, located 40 kms north of Yogyakarta. While Shivait Hindu continued also at the same time which is proved by the establishment of Prambanan temple. At Wonosobo on the mountain of Dieng appeared to be Shivaitic practices that was earlier then Prambanan. Experts thought that was only one dynasty who ruled central Java starting 8th century. A ruins of probably a palace known as Candi Ratu Boko at 2 kms south of Prambanan is under reconstruction and renovation while its auditorium has been finished.

Kalasan temple, located 16 kms east of Yogyakarta city on the south side of the road between Yogya and Prambanan temple. According to the inscription this temple was built around 8th century in honor for the marriage of king Pancapana from Sanjaya dynasty with Dyah Pramudya Wardhani from Cailendra dynasty who followed Buddhism. The temple was built in hard stone, decorated with carving and stands on a cross basin like Greece Cross.

Sambisari Temple, located 12 kms east of yogyakarta city on the north side of the road to Solo.The temple was built 6.5 meters below the ground level. The temple was built around 10th century, but tremendous eruption of Mount Merapi in 1006 AD covered the area deeply. This eruption is supposed as the main cause of the relocation of the kingdom center from Central Java to East Java.

Sari Temple, located 600 meters north east of kalasan temple on north side of the main road between Yogyakarta and Solo. This temple is a Buddhist holy place, constructed in 2 floors,the upper floor was used to preserve religious relics. It is certain that this temple in the past was used to meditate, preaching by priests to their followers.

list Parangtritis beach as this province includes the south area of central Java. One of the most magic area connected with royal palace of Yogyakarta. A myth of celestial queen of South in Javanese " Ratu Kidul " or " Kanjeng Ratu Kidul" The existence of the myth and of the magic love myth has been given a great Parangtritis inspiration to the royal palace of Yogyakarta. A film has been released as a work of cinematography with the late Mrs. Susana acted as the beautiful and inspiring Queen of the South. This film was so popular in 1980s. A beautiful accommodation has been built also on the beach of Parangtritis using the name Queen of the South ( in English ) a popular place for week end refuge. Other well known beaches are Baron beach, 55 kms south of Yogyakarta protected by 2 jutting capes from raged waves where various simple bungalows are available. One kms east is Kukup beach, a rocky bottomed, with some jutting rock fish with see weeds and other marine vegetation. Krakal beach, further east around 7 kms a flat area, rocky bottom, and coral bed where live swift moving fish and multi colored marine growths.

borobudurlist Borobudur Buddhist temple this biggest stupa was built from 742 to 842 AD during the peak of Mataram kingdom when 2 religions lived side by side, the Shivait Hindu and Mahayana Buddhist. The kingdom ruled from 7th to 9thcentury before it was relocated to east Java, due to tremendous eruption of mount Merapi.

list Prambanan Hindu Temple this temple was built at the same time with Borobudur, and is considered one of the most beautiful ancient work in Asia after Angkor Wat. It is only 6 kms east of Yogyakarta, and always a combined visit with city tour for sightseeing. The complex of Prambanan is known also as Candi Sewu, means a thousand candis, and having connected with the myth of Queen of the South, and the existence of Parangtritis beach.

prambananlist Batik Cloth one of the intellectual properties of central Java is the "Batik Tulis' meaning hand drawn motif of batik. See from the pattern, it is mostly from 11th century. As one of the interesting place to visit Yogyakarta, a batik research center has been established where one can study to make batik from beginning until finished.

list Sultan Palace inherent with the development of the city of Yogyakarta is the historical fact such as king palace which is after the Islam called Sultan palace. This unique architecture, relics and various ancient heritage of art can be visited at the palace of Hadiningrat known as Sultan palace of Yogyakarta

list Handicraft Center Yogyakarta is paradise of handicraft producer. As rich as Bali, Yogyakarta offers various type of handicarfts from wooden, bamboo, silver, gold and earthen wares

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