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Belawan Sea Port


Medan City Tour

Sight seeing started from Belawan seaport do not available for only 1 day trp due to the distances to the interesting places such as Orangutans and Batak land cultural and natural beauties.

Day 01 Disembark the Ship at Belawan - Medan
On disembarkation from the ship, meet and greet by our experience tour guide. Medan city tour to visit the Maimoon Palace, the legacy of Deli Sultanate which built in 1888 by Sultan Makmun Al Rasyid Perkasa Alam, the next visit is Great Mosque, the most beautiful and biggest mosque in North Sumatra built in 1906. Stop at Batik shop and souvenir shop. We wil pass Kesawan Street of which has most of its remaining of original Dutch, English Chinese and Malay Architecture. Lunch and diner at local restaurant.

Day 02 Medan city fullday tour
Breakfast at hotel. Shopping tour to visit Batik shop, Traditional market (Pasar Ikan lama). Lunch at local Restaurant. After lunch visit Medan Mall and Plaza Medan Fair . and branded shop Sun Plaza. Dinner at local restaurant. After that (optional) you can try our famous Indonesian Traditional massage or try to explore one of the most visited place by the youngster “MERDEKA WALK” where you can find a lot of local favorite food and café. Check in hotel and free program.

Day 03 Departure
Breakfast at hotel. Free time until time transferred to Kualanamu International Airport to catch your return flight. harga

Orangutan Bohorok Mt. Leuser

Day 01 Arrival at Belawan Sea Port
Disembark the ship, meet and directly transfer to Bohorok , The Orang Utan Rehabilitation Center through Binjai and many rubber and palm oil plantations. The trip to Bohorok will take around 3 hours drive from Medan city.

Day 02 Visit Orangutans - Medan
Breakfast at hotel. Starting with a short trek around a half hour through the jungle to reach the feeding grounds of the orang utan. Here we can see the orangutan feeding platform to view the rare and amazing Sumatran orangutans. They are fed on bananas and milk twice a day at 8.30 am and 3:00 pm with many semi-wild Sumatran orangutans. Afternoon drive back to Medan and on the way stop at Asam Kumbang village to visit the crocodile farm. Arrival in Medan check in hotel and free program.

Day 03 : Departure
Breakfast at hotel. Free program until transferred to Polonia airport for your return flight harga

Garis Bali

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Nature Beauty and Ethnic Interest

On the shore of Lake Toba lies the town of Parapat the main tourist resort in North Sumatra. Lake Toba is approximately 50 miles long and 16 miles across with a depth of about 1.400 feet and considered as the largest lake in Southeast Asia and once created by super volcanic eruption less than 100.000 years ago. Lake Toba is located at an altitude of 906 meters above sea level. Parapat on the shore of Lake Toba can be reached in 4 hours by car from Medan 176 km from Medan city.

Many recreational sports available in Parapat such as swimming, water skiing, motor boating, canoeing, and fishing. International hotels exist in Parapat such as Patra Jasa Hotel, Nataour Hotel, Niagara Hotel and other small cottages or bungalows with low price. The climate in Parapat is cool and dry that make Parapat as an ideal place to relax. Parapat is the capital city of Batak Toba and Batak Simalungun tribes. The Batak Toba live on the western side of Lake and Batak Simalungun live on the eastern side of Lake Toba. Batak Simalungun have had more influences from Malayu and other peoples than the Batak Toba people. In the center of Lake Toba, there is small island called Samosir island covering an area of 329 square miles.

Samosir island is the original home of the fiercest but kind hearted Toba Batak which can be be reached within a half an hour by boat from Parapat. There are 2 main ferry jetty points on Samosir island are Tomok a traditional village with beautiful houses and a stone tombs, and Tuktuk where many hotels and restaurants are found. Tomok is famous for years now as the gateway to Samosir island, the visitors are greeted by rows of stalls selling a bewildering array of Batak calendar and traditional Batak musical instruments. In Tomok village you can find the ancient royal stone tomb of the Sidabutar clan dynasty. Bodies were buried in the stone sarcophaguses under a large banyan tree. Around 4 km north of Tuktuk village is Ambarita an attractive village with ancient stone walls that were once topped with a thick pagar or fence of thorny bamboo. Inside are stone seats and modern statuary the work of the Siallagan clan some 54 years ago. Ambarita is also good base for treks a cross the island.

Simanindo is a picturesque village and has some of the best traditional houses and here you can see the Raja Sidauruuk house and now become a museum. At this museum you can see cultural performances. Pangururan is the proper town on Samosir island and also the administrative center of Samosir island. When visiting Lake Toba don't forget to buy some souvenir such as Ulos weaving common in many villages on the northwestern shore of Samosir island.


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