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D1. Arrival – Kuta Tour
Meeting service at Lombok International Airport then set out on an excursion to Rambitan traditional Sasak village and Kuta and Tanjung Aan turquoise white sandy beach for swimming. Lunch will be served at local restaurant. Then drive down to Sukarara traditional weaving village and Banyumulek pottery village. In the afternoon check in at Senggigi area hotel.

D2. Benang Stokel Waterfall Tour
Breakfast at hotel. Drive down to Central Lombok to see the green nature, visit Aik Bereik to enjoy the fresh air of rainforest and nice view of terraced paddies with local community activities in doing their farmland ( if we are lucky will see the people riding the plough share pull by ships or cows) continue to Pemandakan starting point for soft trekking to Benang Stokel waterfall, enjoy a nice swim at the waterfall, continued 30 minutes walk passing narrow rainforest to Benang kelambu waterfall. Enjoy a nice shower at Benang Kelambu waterfall, Picnic lunch by the waterfall, on the way to hotel stop at Narmada, kingly garden, replica of Segara Anak Lake On Top Of Rinjani mounts. Lingsar, where Hindhus & Muslim “Wektu Telu” worship in one temple.

Sendang gileD3. Tour Underwater view
Breakfast at hotel. Start the trip by riding a boat from Senggigi beach through western coast of Lombok to reach the fascinating beach of Gili air, Gili Meno, and Gili Trawangan. The main activity is the marine life enjoyment such as snorkeling, diving or just sunbathing on the splendid white sandy beach. Lunch will be provided at local restaurant. In the afternoon check in at Gili Trawangan Hotel.

D4. Departure
Breakfast at hotel. Free program while preparing a boat trip to Telok Kodek harbor for airport through Pusuk monkey forest. Harga Lmb-03

Sea Transport

Garis Bali

SadeRambitan village is a traditional Sasak village where architecture, pattern of living, and the materials used for construction are typical. One who want to see  Sasak culture is good to see this village closely to have a rather complete  insight on their life. There are many Sasak village have changed their original setting of their village due to the modernization. The name Kuta in Lombok is just by coincidence with Kuta in Bali, but the two place is incomparable for anything. Kuta Lombok is famous for it's clear water and white sandy beach. On the beach of Kuta around February or Marcfh is organized a tribal event called "Putri Nyale" where people collecting Nyale a kind of sea woms. If the number of collection is big they said it is the sign of good harvest, and so does the contrary. After collecting the sea worms the boys will take their boat or canoe run after another while shouting noisily.


Lombok island which is a bit smaller then Bali also preserves the ancient heritages of Bali, especially on the west part of the island. The history is not separable from Bali from immemorial time until the arrival of Dutch at the beginning of 17th century who spread provocation within the kindom of Goa or Makassar that Karangasem kingdom of Lombok will attack Sumbawa, and silently sending infilltrans from Sumbawa to convert the Sasak into Islam and to opposed Bali. This trick was successfull and the Sasak revolted against Bali supported by Makassar, Sumbawa, and Duch behind the scene. Although at first Karangasem was victorious and even able to defeat Ducth as back up fire, but with the dropping of big arsenal from Surabaya, at last Karangasem kingdom was falled and Lombok and sumbawa automatically under control of Dutch in Makassar. It is lucky that some architecture from Karangasem kingdom and social aspects are still preserved which become interesting places to visitHarga