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Komodo Lizard

Komodo Island is a small island of 280 square kilo meters lies between the island of Sumbawa and Flores, just toward the direction to Flores island from Komodo island is smaller island called Rinca. Komodo island itself is almost barren except for palm trees and some woods only on the low land but it is famous for its giant lizards which are considered the last of their kind remaining of the old world until today. To many modern naturalist, East Nusa Tenggara is so particularly interesting because of this unique species, called the Komodo Dragon, or Komodo Lizard which is among local people known as 'Ora". Komodo Dragon with the science name Varanus Komodoensis is actually a giant monitor lizard only live on the island and is the only one in the world.

Some of the Lizards growing up to 3 to 4 meters in length which ancestors are belived to have roamed the earth up to about half a million years ago when the world was controled by giants lizard known as Dinosaurus, and the Komodo is belived to be one species of those animals passes the natural selection. What has beeen making it save from natural extinction is the most interesting subject for experts.

The Komodo lizard lives on goats, deers, and even the carcasses of its own kind. The people who live on the beach of the island beside fishing as their daily living also growing goats and pigs to be sold to the nature reserve to feed the Komodo. The giant lizard is considered harmless, and so far no victim of the local people is reported, but it is advisable to keep them at a distance. Komodo and Rinca island as the natural habitat of the giant lizard has been declared at nature reserve being part of Indonesia national park.

The island of Komodo is also home to a number of rare bird species, deer, wild horses, and wild pigs, which are prey to the lizards as well. Green snakes known as tree viper has been also resported to exist around the area. It is very important for the traveller to get correct information from the ranger's staff to avoid this type of viper becuase it has strong venom.

To see Komodo lizards in the day time, baits have to be placed in the hinterland which must be done by local guide or ranger's staff. It is totally suggested not to do without the escort of local tour guide or ranger's staff to avoid unnacessary probelm. Is has been reported that in the past when Komodo anthusiasts did their travel without any escort from the expert had dissapeared. The lizard is said very sensitive with the smell of blood, so when it smell it, become very aggresive. So women comes to period is totally prohibited to enter the nature reserve.

The sea surrounding Komodo island offers visitors of sea life, crystal clear water, and white sandy beaches. The best time to visit Komodo island is between March and June, and between October and December. Komodo island is accessible from the sea only. Fly to Labuan Bajo or Bima than continued by boat to Komodo island. Labuan Bajo is a little town inhabited by fisherman, lies at the extreme west of Flores island. The town serves as a jumping off points for the trip to Komodo island. From Labuan Bajo to Komodo island takes around 3-4 hours by boat and from Bima to Komodo island takes 7 hours by boat. From Denpasar to Bajo and return, there is daily flight serving this route while from Denpasar to Bima is also daily flight, but due to the long cruise by boat it is more popular to fly to Labuhan Bajo then to Bima. Since 10 years ago the travel to Komodo island mostly combined with Rinca island where the habitat of the Komodo is still considered more natural, undisturbed, while on Komodo island itself since the Dutch colonization has already been recurrently visited and between 1980s to 1998s the number of tourists visiting the nature reseve was very huge, so the giant lizard was given a spot where they always waiting to be fed by travellers.

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