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Barong danceBali Tours or Sightseengs interest of Bali is so rich. It would surprise any one to find a place with its unique and rich variation of her nature and culture. Starting from the beauty of nature such as lakes, mountain and beaches including man made rice terraces which is a real beautiful panorama to enjoy. Bali has old age tradition blended with the elements of Hindu, Buddhist and even modern time. The name of Kintamani tour in Bali for example has never been forgotten by the time on every travel guide book as one of the fullday tour package covering most of the travel interests. Bali tours packages are presented in various types of composition from more on a nature interest, painting art interest, wooden sculpture interest stone sculpture interest, traditional Dance interest, traditional music interest and others up to special travel interest. Packages

KertagoshaBasically the tour program on Bali can be grouped into 3 types, one is daily tour program with ready itinerary, and overnight tour program such as Bali round trip tours, or packages for some nights on a certain interesting place. The third one is a customized tour program, depending on specific interest of travelers. It is not only for conventional Bali tours, but also other types of Bali Tours Program such as leisure program, adventure trip such as white water rafting, 4WD off roading, cruishing are already established on the island of Bali. To customize tour program on Bali there are many interesting places can be considered to be included as mixed or special interest. Packages

Bajra SandhiLately is the growing popularity of water sport with many type of activities such as banana boat, parasailing, jet ski, water scooter and others. Newly introduced activities are tree top hanging, water parks and animal parks that are available in Bali such as Birds and Reptile park, Bali zoo, Bali Safari & Marine park, Sub-marine tour and still many others. It is just like a paradise of holiday starting from cultural interest up to light adventures and total pampering holidays such as massage and spa treatment are available on the island. Packages

Ulun DanuOne travel magazines put on Bali is as one of the best honeymoon destination. This is viewed from the variation of interesting places, sports, leisure, traditional or modern massage and beauty treatments available traditionally or creative. One thing must not be forgotten to appreciate is the view of the people weather they are working at tourism service or not. This attitude has given such as physical and mental facilities for travellers to enjoy the destination.The evaluation is also based on traveller's views on the destination. Packages

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Grand Akhyati honeymoon packagePOPULAR TOURS

Among various tour packages and tour options in Bali there are some tours which can be said always on the publications and interest a large part of travellers to Bali. Kintamani mountain tour sits at the first number as the most popular sightseeing tour, second is Taman Ayun and Tanah Lot tour, third is Uluwatu temple tour.

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Mountain of Poet or Gunung Kawi is complex consist of 5 smaller complexes, and including the temple are 6 complexes. Two complexes at the east slope of the river and 3 complexes are on the west slope. Two complexes facing each other separated by the river are identified as belong to the king and his Queen or concubines. The complex for the king consist of 3 rock cut candis and the complex for the Queen consist of 4 rock cut candis. It is hard to understand that only the candi for the king made in 3. It might be the king was with his 2 principal consorts, and the 4 candis across the river were only for his other concubines. At the door of the candi for the king is mentioned in a inscription of the king died at Jalu. Jalu can mean kris or taji, a sharp small blade armed for the cock fighting. Who was the king monumentalized here? is un-answered question until now, except based on highly decorative writing of inscription called "Quadrangular Kadiri writing style" The influence of Kadiri kingdom to Bali was only arrived around 1227 AD under the king Kertanegara. While the date carved at the stone sculpture on Mount Panulisan with the same style mentioned the dates 1011 AD, 1074 AD, and 1077 AD. While the period between 989 AD to 1001 AD was the rule of king Udayana Warmadewa with his Queen Mahendradatta. In their charters it is mentioned that king Udayana was deified at "Banyu Wka", and his Queen Mahendradatta was deified at Buruan which is already identified see more