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Best place for recreation with children and honeymoon participating at water theme activities such as Circus Water Park Kuta. Kuta currently offers many places of activities suitable for children, especially recreation on water. Water theme recreations are located at south Kuta at the town of Tuban, adjacent with international airport Ngurah Rai, where various budget and good priced hotels are located.

Also there are 5 star hotels with location at the front of the beaches, one of the best beach of Bali the stretch of long sunset beach of Kuta to Tuban area. Circus Water Park is located at easy access from various places of Kuta, Nusa Dua or Sanur.

OverviewFor parents wish to bring children to enjoy this water activities please make sure that they are not medically banned for water activities or even close to the water. Child just recovered from any kind of disease is also to avoid this type of activities to avoid any problem of unknown causes.

Although the recreation is save for children, but parent or any adult be in alert to the children do not just relay with the intructor in case the visitor are crowded especially during sliding, wave sliding, and high jump. Leisure river or soaking following the current of the river is save activities.

This type of recreation for some children is suitable so they can react and express its sensation to other children of the same age. Short good feeling which is difference from routine is very important for them.

Visitor can bring their own towels, so no need to hire from the park, bring wet clothings and changing cloths.

Parent rate US$ 25/person, child 2 - 11 years 12/child including air condition transportation from and to the hotel harga

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Bali unique cuisine known as betutu is now famous world wide which spring from a rural village around Ubud, specially cooked from duck. Duck meat was not popular among Balinese in the past because its stiff and hard meat. With the invention of betutu cooking the meat beocme soft and cryspy with specific ingredients arising very unique succulant taste. That is why fried betutu is also known as cryspy duck. The process of cooking consuming time and is not directly burn by fire but using hot radiation from burning of wood on land surface, while the betutu is put under the soil just below the fire. Today there are betutu like this but cooked from high presure cooker yet the taste is difference, although the softness and crack of the meat the same. A cook from westernmost tip of Bali creating betutu from chicken known as betutu Gilimanuk. This cooking is not less popular compared to betutu from duck. See more

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