Trekking to the peak of Mount Batur
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Mount Batur sunrise trekking, climbing to mount Batur the most active volcano in Bali, it has recorded many explosions, at least 3 times big explosions are recorded so far. The biggest explosion was in 1963 at almost the same time with the most detrimental explosion of Mountain Agung. Historically Mount Batur with it's nice lake Batur has attracted people from long times ago, and the first settlement recorded on the royal edict of Bali was dated back on 984 Caka Year or 1062 AD., refers the name of Turunan, which is now no doubt it is Trunyan village on the bank of the lake.

Trekking up to this mountain is started at 04.00 from the village of Kedisan, near Bukit Jati temple. As long as 1 hour trekking it is still plain with sandy path, then the trek has the elevation of almost 60 degrees with movable hard soil granulation on the path. For an active person at 05.15 will have reached the first crest, which is surrounded by 3 small calderas. From here we can admire the magic of the sun rises above the highest mountain in Lombok, Mt Rinjani. On the precipitous slope of the west of caldera is springing up hot vapour, in some places more then 100 Celcius. From here we still ascend the last peak on west rim, then descend down through the ridge runs downs facing the Batur lake. Around 09.00 return back on the foot of Toya Bungkah hot spring, take a bath or swimming in the lake.

What to wear : Short pants/loose trouser, good and strong walking shoes, sweater/jumper, day pack ( cont. 30 litres ), T-shirt, cap or hat, one changing cloths, electric lighters.
Climbing season : April to October

KintamaniDeparture for midnight trek from hotel at Sanur/Kuta/Nusa Dua at 03.00 or choose
Include 1 Night accommodation near the lake with beautiful view to the mountain, simple breakfast at the restaurant near the lake, Aqua, and Snacks, Mountain Guide, and English if not available.

Please be prepared your fitness physical readyness and be always careful to ensure your safety during trekking, although this trek is not hard but your safety is the most important responsibility by yourselves not others, as by joining this mountain trekking you are aware of all your responsiblity. One who has the problem with high place and other lack of physical condition are advised not to take this trekking. We will not by anyway cover the insurance for this activity.harga

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Among various tour packages and tour options in Bali there are some tours which can be said always on the publications and interest a large part of travellers to Bali. Kintamani mountain tour sits at the first number as the most popular sightseeing tour, second is Taman Ayun and Tanah Lot tour, third is Uluwatu temple tour. List of these choice is presented at other page List


Older Balinese and the story about the origin of Bali Age people who are now known as the older villages of Bali. Such as Tenganan Pegringsingan, Sembiran, Trunyan, Pedawa, Sidatapa, and Tigawasa villages. If we see carefully these villages have nothing to do with Besakih temple, they even do not have the tradition what peoples around Besakih and south Bali do and even showing no influence of Hindu - Java tradition such as shown on south Bali. The used of Hindu-Java calendar was just reached them and also the cost and time consuming Ngaben ceremony even is not known among them, only recently they imitate lowland Bali radition, not more than a decade. Vague physical traits can be seen among the people of these villages. Detail comparison on their traditional organization put them on great similarity and put away from the rest of Balinese on the lowland. One of older Balinese village already well known among travellers from various countries of the world is Tenganan Pegringsingan

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