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Barong dance

Day 01 Arrival in Bali

Upon arrival in Bali meet and direct transfer to hotel. Evening, sightseeing eparture visiting Uluwatu, a temple located on a narrow and steep drop continually under strong abrasion of Indian ocean. According to the myth, after a priest doing the reformation of Hindu in Bali he than took a short meditation at the spot and his body become disappeared and attained the highest state of status called “MOKSA” Toward the sunset, a Kecak dance, performed by sometimes more than 50 men topless, with chequered cloth, encircling flickering lights, and sing in a chorus of “Tjak Tjak Tjak……..” The dance is not using musical background, but use chorus of human voice as the rhythm. Theme of the dance is taken from great Ramayana Epic of India, that is the love story of king Rama and Princess Shinta. Dinner fresh seafood, then back to hotel for overnight.

Ubud painting

Day O2 Art and Nature Beauty

After breakfast, depart for visiting first the Barong Dance at Batubulan stage. Barong dance is the most complete traditional performance of Bali where dance, music, dialog, joking and stage manipulation are combined. The story is taken from Maha Bharata Epic on episode of Prince Nakula and Sahadev being offered to the demon of cemetery by his mother in exchange of the safety of the kingdom from the spread of epidemic. Here the demon is symbolized by frightening face of Rangda and the good figure is symbolized with Barong, a tiger like creature with sparkling golden accessories. The dance is ended with a trance dance where the assistants of Barong stab themselves with kris – a sharp blade, famous artist colonies of gold and silver rafts, and wooden carvings. Tirta Empul Temple, a historical water spring temple of Bali, which has the ancient stone sculpture with date carved in 962 AD. Kintamani with its stunning view of Batur crater. Lunch is served at restaurant on the west rim of crater. On the way back to hotel drive through idyllic villages and stop in Ubud to visit private museum of unique painting art. Dinner will be served at restaurant in Denpasar city.

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Day 03 Bali North Land

After breakfast at hotel's restaurant depart for Tanjung Benoa cape to enjoy water sport siring banana boat and parasailing followed by local lunch, continue to Sukawati art market where dozens types of traditional products of art and garments hndicraft can be found with unimaginable cheap prices, then stop at Krisna Bali souvenir which is now famous among travellers of whole world as the best shopping place in Bali, drive to beautiful Tegenungan water fall. If there is still time visit Bajra Sandhi meticulously carved monument on the governor square, before drive to Benoa harbour to board unique and memorable sunset dinner cruise on the strait of Denpasar with interactive entertainment and international dinner. Around 20.00 drive back to hotel for rest.

Tanah LotDay 04 Tanah Lot Temple

Breakfast at hotel's restaurant and free to walk around the hotel and enjoy choosing restaurant or shopping on own. At 16.00 time for departing to Taman Ayun temple built in 1632 at the center of kingdom capital city, Tanah Lot temple, constructed on the cliff the remainder of strong abrassion. During sunset if the weather is good, the sky is clear the view of the temple changes into shilhoute is a beautiful panorama. On the way back to hotel dinner at local restaurant before dropped at hotel for rest.

Day 05 Hotel – Airport

Breakfast at hotel's restaurant and free time until 12.00 time to check-out hotel and transfer to airport. harga

Monkey Forest At every places that have dense forest a temple also constructed to warn people not to trouble the forest. Only later after the independence of Indonesia with the formation of forest rangers some permits to cut the trees in the forest has been issued. This permits have caused most of the trees were cut including clearing for a new field of farming. To strengthen the traditional technique of preservation by Balinese, even a myth of frightening has been also created. For Alas Kedaton a myth of monkey's culture has been created, and to protect the National Bali Barat Nature Reserve a myth of invisible town also has been created, and still many myths to protect places in Bali which is in the main idea to deter the people troubling the object being preserved. See more

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Among various tour packages and tour options in Bali there are some tours which can be said always on the publications and interest a large part of travellers to Bali. Kintamani mountain tour sits at the first number as the most popular sightseeing tour, second is Taman Ayun and Tanah Lot tour, third is Uluwatu temple tour.

  1. Kintamani tour bring combination of watching barong dance, beautiful temple architecture, beautiful natural views, dance, carving, accessories and painting bul see description
  2. Taman Ayun and Tanah Lot temples are two historical heritages from 17th, Taman Ayun palace temple which is always found near palaces of Balinese king starting 18th century bul see description
  3. Uluwatu temple located on steep drop cliff on the southernmost tip of Bali island. bul see description

Ulundanu templeKecak danceBarong danceUluwatu temple

Try Unique Bali Cuisine Balinese put in contrast between main meal or nasi with it's flavors and supplements at one side, and snacks or Jaja in Balinese at the other side. Jaja is made with purpose of sweet tastes. Some of European food for Balinese is a Jaja, such as pizza, croissants, and various breads with it's flavors and all McDonald products are for Balinese basically are Jaja. The principle habit is that, traditional Balinese can never live with Jaja, although they ate full stomach of Jaja they don't feel satisfied, and will have nasi immediately. Some persons they will feel hungry even after eating Jaja. Most Jaja having relation with religious rituals, and by variation a large parts are made only for the need of those Bali rituals. Jaja for rituals showing more artistic aspects from shape to color. Each shape brings a meaning or symbolic meaning, just as complex as young coconut leaves offering called " Jajaitan" There are still many types of Bali cooking, but it is not very popular. See more.