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All informations contain herein are correct during instalation of the product units or publication time. Our policy is to urge each of the service provider to instanly up-date us with any small changes on the element of the product. Slight different, discrepancy might happened in the elements of product which are still in accepted varians such as color, position, and other minor aspect as general principles. This small and minor differentiation should be accepted.

In case travelers need specific feature to be greatly precise, this must be communicated with intensive communication, for example an accommodation where traveler need to be precisely staying in a room facing the ocean, in this case an intensive discussion is to be emphasize by inquierer to avoid miss understanding. Other example, in case travelers with to stay at a hotel that is no farther then 200 meters from a shopping center, this is also must be communicated in an intensive manner that the sought element has been given sufficient check by the hotel. There are hundreds of possibility that travelers might wish to have specific allocation of intension which must be communicated in intensive way, unless general principles are accepted without conditions. General principles are those what are published as unit of each of the product in this internet pages with or without variations.

Delay on land transportation due to technical problem, airline being stranded or canclled, boat sailing resecheduled or cancelled are totally in the discretion of the suppliers for the sake of safety and interest of all parties. In this case we are not held to be responsible for such a lost or dissappointment. We will do our best to adjust the service to as much not reducing the content of the service agreement from us to travelers.

Reservation must be made in advance to ensure the correct service being rendered to the traveler, which is finalized during the correspondence which can give both parties a space to adjust every aspect of the service to meet the idea of the travelers on certain service.

Payment is required in advance and we will issue a voucher for the services being booked. This voucher will authorize the holder the get the service as mentioned on the voucher. Payment by Telegraphic transfer will charge us in a relatively big amount. For example, transfer from Southern Europe charges us US$ 60.00 for every transfer, transfer from Australia charges us US$ 65.00 for every transfer, transfer from East Europe charges us US$ 45.00, transfer from USA charges us US$ 40.00, transfer from Japan charges us US$ 20.00, transfer from Singapore charges us US$ 5.00, and other countries charges us at an average of US$ 35.00 for every transfer. In the application of Internet Banking we are charged less, and even some countries will not charge us any such as USA, Japan, Singapore, and Thailand. We prefer this way in case traveler could have access to Internet Banking.

To overcome the expensive cost of payment we have made a special agreement with to facilitate charging credit card. The system is the most safest way for both us and card holder by outlining two way verification. In some cases card holder need to open an account at before being able to send Payment. This is to facilitate refund if any of the service is not used or based on then agreement the buying be cancelled.

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Among various tour packages and tour options in Bali there are some tours which can be said always on the publications and interest a large part of travellers to Bali. Kintamani mountain tour sits at the first number as the most popular sightseeing tour, second is Taman Ayun and Tanah Lot tour, third is Uluwatu temple tour.

  1. Kintamani tour bring combination of watching barong dance, beautiful temple architecture, beautiful natural views, dance, carving, accessories and painting bul see description
  2. Taman Ayun and Tanah Lot temples are two historical heritages from 17th, Taman Ayun palace temple which is always found near palaces of Balinese king starting 18th century bul see description
  3. Uluwatu temple located on steep drop cliff on the southernmost tip of Bali island. bul see description