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To simflify the various aspect of Balinese life the discussion is put together within the catagory of tradition and myth, as the role of myth was ever strongly believed as historic and controled many aspects of like even today some can still be observed. The myth was intentionally created by those who were able to write and read in the past to miss lead the tradition, or to claim any status or role in society, yet did not realized the effect on society including writer's descendants themselves. The tradition of creating myth might strongly influenced by tradition of ancient speculative thinking of India that have born many stories about gods in the puranic sastra.

In Bali many myths were written on lontar leave, yet some are worth learning as contains histoical facts called Babad. Just in case no reliable source to compose the history does Babad used as reference. Big influence of myth is on religious ritual which missleads the true meaning of the traditon, but it is lucky that Hindu thinking is not a kind of religious radicalisme, but a humanisme whch is the basis of peace and universalisme, so whereever it goes it never alienated the local, even sometimes incorporated into local tradition like in Bali.

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