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Balinese introduces dressing with woven cloth has been long time ago, one could not remember or no record about the type of Balinese dressing at the beginning. It must be the same as other ethnic groups of Indonesia. Engravings at the ancient artefacts and remnant of ancient sculptures show that the type of dressing can be traced back up to the 9th century. This type might have been practiced very long tome as after the western explorer came to Bali and takes photos the type of the dress still the same as shown by the ancient sculptures. This type of dressing consist of head dress, cloth covering the body from upper breast down to the ankle. This was both for man and women, while some women and girls left the upper breast open, only from waist down to ankle was covered. After the independence of Indonesia, when most children got the education, the way of dressing also changed drastically into full coverage of body, introduces shirts short or long sleeps, below dress such as long trousers or shorts, and various type of dressings. As a result there will be no Balinese using the way of dressing as what was since thousands of years.

Todays casual are mostly t-shirt with long or short trousers, while for special occation such as wedding, rituals, and temple festival can be various, if there is no obligation from their village to wear the same color and type or standardised costumes. During temple rituals some villages oblige their member to wear this standardised costumes. While some grup of artist such as traditional music players of gong normally have their own standardised costumes. Basically today Balinese can express themselves freely with choice of dressing, one will not see this as somthing not common, so none will care if one wear luxury, and one wear cheap one.

Special dressing is for dance, wedding, and other rituals. This dressing is considered luxury and great dressing or in Balinese payas agung. If one ever watched Barong dance there is the complete view of Balinese dressing types. The prime minister for example wears payas agung, while women dancer also wears payas agung, while the servants wear what was Bali hundreds of years ago. One also can see here the hirarchy of the people expressed in the diffrent style of the dressing, such as between prices and minister, common officials and the servants.

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Among various tour packages and tour options in Bali there are some tours which can be said always on the publications and interest a large part of travellers to Bali. Kintamani mountain tour sits at the first number as the most popular sightseeing tour, second is Taman Ayun and Tanah Lot tour, third is Uluwatu temple tour.

  1. Kintamani tour bring combination of watching barong dance, beautiful temple architecture, beautiful natural views, dance, carving, accessories and painting bul see description
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