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Like other areas of Indonesia Bali also introduces traditional cloth making called batik. Even one of the oldest Indonesia traditional batik is found in Bali that is the traditional cloth called gringsing. The whole process is done locally, and some good quality can take 2 years to finish only one piece. With the introduction of fabricated thread when this is available in bigger amount also produced what is called Endek double ikat weaving and Songket. The process of coloring is different from those in Java and other parts of Indonesia, so it can be said it is typical Bali batik product.

The oldest cloth that is called gringsing is still produced by the people of Tenganan Pegringsingan at Kabupaten Karangasem, near Candidasa town. Coloring is started from the thread. The pattern that is expected to form after finishing weaving is simulated before weaving. The thread is colored so as when it is woven it follows the pattern being fixed, without adding any color after weaving is finished. This methode is developed later by what is called double ikat weaving. The thread is colored before weaving to match the patter being designed for the piece. The coloration is done by tying the threads tightly before soaked into the color. Part of the tread that is tied get no color then dried on the sun tied again the part needing color, and so on continually until all colors have been sticked with the thread, to be ready to enter the weaving traditional tools. The most imporatant here is how to treat the tying of the threads, so it can be precisely match the pattern already designed, it takes a very careful attention and with unique technique of folding have been developed.

One of famous clothing is songket, which is known as royal clothing due to its beautiful pattern, eye striking impresion. Is called royal cloting as it was mostly worn by royal family, and ritual occasion. This cloth in the past also crated on traditionaly produced thread with gold or silver thread to make pattern. Although it looks luxury cloth, but to wear it is not comfortable due to the loose weaving of gold or silver thread that feel very rough on the skin. That is why this cloth is now worn only during special occasion such as wedding, religious rituals, or family ritual. Until today the production of this type of songket is still can bee seen at certian villages in Bali, but not as the main profession.

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