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Desa Sangeh is located 17 kms north of Denpasar city on the side of Kabupaten Badung main road that leading up to the foot of Bali mountain chain just on the opposite side of lake Beratan, which is separated by the main west ridge of Mount Mangu, the highest peak of central Bali. Along the road from Denpasar one will see 3 main towns of Kabupaten Badung first is Sibang, then Mambal and Blahkiuh each of which maintains their own traditional market on the side of roads now with new buildings.

big trees SangehWhat is the best sightseeing combination can be organized with visit to Sangeh? As a half day tour it is very good to combined with visit to Taman Ayun temple, considered best temple architecture in Bali as it was royal temple of Mengwi kingdom, a kingdom ever overruled a large part of Bali even up to Banyuwangi on east of Java. Also a beautiful local spring just 2 kms from Sangeh reserve that is Taman Mumbul, located east of the village before at last visiting Sangeh nature reserve.
As full day tour there are many possibilities, it can be combined with Ubud artist villages or Tanah Lot temple or even Bedugul mountain, with recreations such as Bali Swing or river rafting.
A quiet different ambiance can be explored with combination of visiting Sangeh by visiting further highland semi traditional villages with highest and biggest water fall at Nungnung villages, Bali central farming area on hilly and deep rivers where one of highest bridge in south east Asia can be seen here. During July and August are season of local fruits such as oranges, mangoes, pineapple, and durians.

Sangeh monkey forestSangeh Monkey Forest

Sangeh nature reserve consist of old age very high trees where a group of wild monkeys are living sharing border with modern village of Sangeh and rice fields on the north, and river on the west. At certain hour during the day flocks of wild monkeys often gathering on main road side. It is strange also that monkeys do not giving trouble to the local people or pick up the rice or any plantation grown by nearby farmers. It never roams to the people houses or people public places considering the reserve size is only around 1 square km compared big nature reserves such as Bali Barat National park or various national parks in East Java which covers thousand square kms.

Compared to other monkey forest in Bali Sangeh and Kedaton are the best in term of environment maintenance and gardening, outlining path walks, parking and other aspect of a sightseeing place. Stop and parking areas of both Sangeh and Kedaton are aside from traffic crowd, in general giving an impression of relaxing and quietness. Here live dozens of wild monkeys with amazingly only roams around the reserve, and sometimes gathering on road sides without giving trouble to people. nature

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Among various tour packages and tour options in Bali there are some tours which can be said always on the publications and interest a large part of travellers to Bali. Kintamani mountain tour sits at the first number as the most popular sightseeing tour, second is Taman Ayun and Tanah Lot tour, third is Uluwatu temple tour.

  1. Kintamani tour bring combination of watching barong dance, beautiful temple architecture, beautiful natural views, dance, carving, accessories and painting bul see description
  2. Taman Ayun and Tanah Lot temples are two historical heritages from 17th, Taman Ayun palace temple which is always found near palaces of Balinese king starting 18th century bul see description
  3. Uluwatu temple located on steep drop cliff on the southernmost tip of Bali island. bul see description