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In the past growing flowers was the hand of women to fill every day need of rituals. Among dozens of cultivated flowers, there are some of them can not be used in religious rituals with the reason that the source of the flower related with bad myth such as the origin and or shape of the flower iself.

Within the ritual itself there are classification of flowers, some can be used in ritual and some are not. Normally people believe that the spirits of lower animals. Experts said that human senses can not reveal both superior beings and inferior beings due to it's limitation, may be it is confirmed by the researchers of low and supersonic frequency for sound, or low and super bright light for the eyes. It makes us curious with the discovery of low frequency sound that human could not hear, and infra-red that human eyes could not see. It is probably correlated and revealed by thinker in the past by intuition.

Balinese tradition do not introduce him/herself by sending flower as a token of sympathy, love and condolence. Although there are some tradition like this can be seen in the cities, it is just the etiquette of theatrical people and those who imitate western practice.

Roses grow well every where on the land of Bali. Bali has 3 kind of Roses i.e. strong red color, white, and almost orange color. It results slight difference in color if the roses are planted in the highland or if it is planted on the low land. On the highland the color of roses grow very strong red, clean white or clear orange, but on the low land the color become fade and some time not solid. Some petals may grows unevenly. It is mostly grown by Balinese ladies as garden, not as materials for religious rituals. Any kind of roses which is grown on the highland will bear it's flowers without season, it will always giving flower all the months, except there is climate abnormality. Harvested flower provided it is put in the shade it can stay for 3 to 4 days, but if it is harvested with it flower stick long enough and put it's stick in the vas containing salty water it can stay for a week. The perfume of roses which is not strong, has also causing it is not popular among Balinese. It is different from Champaka which aroma is very strong and arousing. There are 3 divisions of champaka popular among Balinese are white champaka, yellow champaka, and Kananga. White champaka has the strongest perfume, while Kananga radiating a very typical perfume and arousing, the more it is dry the more strong it's fragrance. Despite the fact the development of hotel and Spa program in Bali, but Balinese do not see this opportunity as a business resources, they still plant just for self-sufficiency, and ironically flowers are imported from Java, as well as young palm leaves for the religious ritual. After the tragedy of WTC and Kuta, the number of tourist coming to Bali has been steadily declining, and these suppliers have now suffered, while alternative market yet be established.

It is actually a great chance to grow roses for the market of Singapore which is only 3 hours flight from Denpasar, Bali. Central highland of Bali is not yet cultivated well, mostly neglected, most younger generation moved to the city to pursue fancy jobs. The only problem it might be the technology to keep the flower stay fresh longer, at least a week until it arrived at the shops if the shop do not have freezer room. Cheap land hiring, plenty of cheap low skill workers are great advantage to grow this kind of flower in the mountain area of Bali. Most of the land is used for short live vegetables, beans, and corns. These kind of horticulture is just for self-sufficiency with totally no business orientation, so most of the land is still empty, and some big parts are neglected. There are some long live plantation such as coffee, cacao, and various fruits which are also not get proper cultivation management. nature

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