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The role of art, especiallly painting, carvings, music and dance are among one of the most important aspects that making Bali known wold wide. Since the opening of first sea port of Singaraja in 1925s there are many travellers visiting Bali among which were artists, writer, journalists and historiansFrom first this early travellers the name of Bali spread fast both by informal discussion, travel writing, and journals which later attracted more and more people, even some artists spent years in Bali or for a life time such as Don Antonio Blanco, Le Mayeur, Robert Bonnet, wlater Spies and others. Many historians also charmed by the uniqueness of the island such and dedicated his his most sharpen research to dismantle the mistery of Bali. To mention a fiew of them such as Prof. Dr. Stein van Calenfels, Dr. Stutterheim, Dr Charles Damais, Prof. Dr. Bosch, Prof. Dr. A.J Bernet Kempers, and Dr. Stutterheim who was in Bali for a life time

AngklungThe work of art is nurtured partly by religion especially Hindu Bali for the beauty of temple architecture, festivity of rituals and to make any religious activities alive and solemnity. As a restult developmenty of dance and music is the most widely practiced by people, which is exist at every village.

The lively art has made biggesty contribution to the economy of the island which before the proliferation of Islamic terrorists producing a big value of devise, especially US Dollars.



Gong Music, the set of instruments consist of melodies such as gangsa, and riong. Tempo such as kempur and normally 3 big disk like gong, bas such as gender and terompong, tempo trigger such as kendang(drum) and cengceng (cimble). Every traditional village or desa in Bali has one set of gong, with some might added with fluites or rebab. The notes are basically penta tonic called pelog ( 1 3 5 7 1 3 .... ). From this limited notes are various music compositions created.

Angklung, is a set of Bali tradisional music almost having the same number of instruments as gong, yet normally less. Number of installed melodies are only 4, and also riong is less in number, the kendang and cengceng are much smaller in size. Everything looks smaller. Their melody is the same based on penta tonic called slendro : 1 2 3 5 6 1 ...

Gender, is ony set of melody, one can play 1 unit or 2 units to produce more festive sound composition. One gender player must use 4 percustion instruments to make himself a blending melodies, so it needs high level of training to be able to play this type of music. The note is the same as angklung, only the size is bigger and the tone of sound is lower. Mostly 12 notes are installed in a set of gender.

Tingklik or Rindik is set of bamboo made music instruments, at the beginning created back up the profan dance called joged. One set of this type consist of 4 to 6 set of tinklik, 2 drums, 1 set of 4 cimbles, 2 to 4 bamboo fluits. This is the simplest yet complete set to perform a joged show.

Gambang is set of bamboo instrument in bigger size, only tradition of people at Jembrana area located on the west part of Bali. This music instrument is used to triger the energy and spirit, as Jembrana has a tradition called makepung, a bull race regularly.

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