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Amusement dance of Joged

Joged BumbungOne of very popular dance among Balinese is Joged dance performed by single women last for about 1 or 2 hours depending on number of dancers, also known in Bali as Joged Bumbung meaning dance of joged with bamboo musics. This dance is not belong to the traditional village organization but mostly owned by a group of artist called Sekaa. The members of Sekaa consist of dancers music players, trainer, and fund riser. The formation of Sekaa Joged is intended to be a professional offering the public the amusement on hire during certain religious or family or any formal event. The Sekaa normally offer one round show with certain price. It is very rare that the people will hire this dance during temple ritual, but mostly on family or public event such as gathering with government officials, association meeting, inauguration of a public meeting hall, wedding, and others. Also dance school such as Kokar and various dance courses normally have this dance both for trainng and for hire. What we called Joged dance here is the traditional one, not as what is known as Joged buang in North Bali.

The dance is backed with bambu musics called tingklik or rindik, small cimbles, kendang or drum, bamboo flutes, and a math. The composition of this bambu music is very beautiful melody based on sextatonic notes and in all through the play always based on melody harmonization. One can hear this music sound at any of those in yutube with keyword rindik music play, and one will soon acknowledge that the music is really great melody. To learn playing this music from zero it is really hard, but once he or she can play a composisition, then the other compositions will be very easy.

Joged dancers dressing is various styles from a simple one to the rich dressing and decoration with high head dress full of flowers. Every dancer normally will be on stage for dancing around 20 minutes and invites men one after the other to dance with her on the stage. Dancer will apprach the closest sitting man audience and touch him with her fan as the indication that he is being invited, and this action is called Nyawat. There are some men really like to join stage play like this and others will be shy being wathed by dozens or even hundreds of eyes, so it is not uncommon that a man after being given nyawat he run away and watch the dance from far outside. dance

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