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Pendet dan Rejang

Janger dance by school childrenJanger dance with its famous song of " Jangi Janger" is a newly created dance got the influnce of traitional dance elements in most of the dressing and music to support the movement, although the type of music a bit different from gong and angklung known traditionally. This dance was created merely for the purpose of amusement with clear limit between audiences and dancers, not like joged dance that open the time to the audience to join the dance on the stage. Now this dance group is very rare, except at the school still form as the extra curriculair and shown only for internal event such as end of semester or end of school year event. During the art festival of Bali in June to July one can see the daily activity list there must be once or more performance of Janger from a group or village.

The dance usually consist more then 20 dances a half of which are youths and a half girls, normally young persons. Bedside their movements following the traditional music, they will sing chorus ensamble or singing youths responded by singing girls group continually. At some areas in Bali the youth dancers are called kecak and the girls dancers called janger. This is because during the dance the youth will sing with the word kecak - kecak - cak - cak and so on to emphasize the music tones or creating unique melody. The music as background of Janger is different from Gong and Angklung, but the elements are mostly taken from those 2 type of Bali traditional musics instruments, resulting unique combination of sound color which is bascially soft.

Where one can watch this dance, it is difficult today, as among young generation in Bali are not so interested by this type of dance, but for sure during Bali art festival in June to July every year there will be show at art center. Some school also normally have this dance group for festivising certain events or for competition of art among their levels. There is school of dance here in Gianyar called KOKAR where is a group of janger dance, and probablly also at academy of art in Denpasar the ISI must have this dance group. dance

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