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Why it is called Chinese Baris

Baris dance is Balinese traditional dance showing masculinity, with very dynamic movement in contrast to the legong dance that shows feminimity. The Chinese Baris dancers are all wearing long trousers and long sleep big head dress and heavy body dress, bring shield, spear and kris. Usually dancers are 10 to 20 making the same movement of refined war action. One will not see immediately that their movement is modified marshal art, except then they play the spear and kris. There is also single Baris dance, with no arm, but showing very strong and masculine movement with the same dress as group dance. Different from group dance that single Baris dance is performed mostly for pure amusement, although it is shown during religious ritual at the bigger temple of the village.

There is an other different style dance which is also called Baris, correclty Chinese Baris shown during family temple ritual at Semawang village of Blanjong and Renon Village Denpasar. The dance is clearly having relation with a family where there is a complete entity of persons, houses and temples. The dance is also consist of 2 groups, one with totally white dress with European hat style, and other is in black with slash at the waist. They hand sword so it is clearly showing marshal art movements, with background of unqiue simple 2 unit music instruments. The family who inherites this dance is Balinese, not Chinese, so why it is called Chinese Baris and experiencing trance as if they speak Chinese words. It was probable in the past that was Chinese people living there probably a rich merchant during early Dutch colony of Indonesia came to the village and getting merge with local people and creating marshal dance for his memorial of himself. Although the art is now found at Semawang village, Sanur, but it is impossible to be related with the history of Warmadewa dynasty who is mentioned on the charter of Blanjong at the same village.

With the same character of the movements and arms brought by the dancers it is identified with Bali traditional dance of Baris. Although traditional Baris dance of Bali having far more complex elements both dressing and music. The simalirity is both used only as the magicizing the character of religious ritual with the concept of strong masculinity character. It is not yet possible also to know when this Chinese Baris was created, as their owners do not have any thing that can be used to trace the history. dance

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