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Taliwang is a name of village located on the west coast of Sumbawa island, a place around 70 kms south of current sea port of Pototano. This area is well known for chicken growing of their people. The species of the chicken is the same as other part of Indonesia, a genus that is almost closer to the bird, as their meat is not soft such as newly developed broilers or leghorn. The people on the area know specific way to process the meat of this local chicken producing soft and delicious meat. When Bali well known as the destination of various nationals, this special cooking was also introduced in Bali and in 1990s the number of Taliwang Chicken restuarants were plenty in Bali and can be found at every places such as Kuta, Nusa Dua, Sanur, Bedugul and Ubud. Uncontrolable rate of inflation since 1998 has put strong preasures on this special cooking, and causing dedreasing numbers of Taliwang restaurant in Bali.

Today is difficult to find Taliwang Chicken restaurant due to illogical inflation rates, one could imagine that a set menu which was priced Rp 35.000 in 2000s, now more then Rp 100.000, 300% inflation, which come from chicken food, transport, and the most is salary. This very hard time for Taliwang restaurant to operate in Bali. Although some villages in Bali still growing local chicken it is not in numbers, only for personal needs, due to undeveloped madicine researche for the chicken health nationally. Lately local chicken as well and new breeds are so vulnerable of disease causing immediate death such as flu, tetlo and other epidemic diseases which is often related with temperature and seasons. Vaccination according to some growers have beeng given, but still ineffective for the chicken. It is hoped that with new president this very important source of people life will have enough attention, not only rely on traditional technique, but a will to develope more controlable and measureable way of developing the cultivation of chicken.

As a result now those travellers who wish to enjoy the cooking of Taliwang chicken has to customize special route of tour, as it is not possible anymore to take normal route where this restaurant is available. But one do not expect that this cooking will be still available longer time for the future due to this inflation is very high still without any indiction that the prices can be controlled by department of trade of Indonesia. bali cuisine

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