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Coconut Sate

Balinese is probably one of the creative people in the field cooking that until today not less then 5 traditional cuisines are weill known internatinally such as lawar, guling, betutu, crispy duck, and sate. Widely known names of these cookings are spreaded by travellers tha have visited Bali and travel writers who were so interested by the uniqueness of Bali including its cuisines. The interest of culture whch is cuisine in it as strong as various art such as dances, paintings, carvings, and architcture.

Lemon grass SateTravellers to Bali will find this cooking very easy, ecah restaurant, local or international today serve this unique cuisine. The cooking that is offered to travellers is not with strong flavor as that offered to local people in Bali, especially the tastes of chilli or pepper heat, strong tastes of spices are basically reduced in a greatlevel. Althought it is deprived out of the traditional flavor but the taste is still giving the uni1queness of traditional type. Those who are able to enjoy Minang cuisine will have no problem to enjoy the delicious sate.

Sate cuisine of BaliThere are many types of sate, one is called sate lilit, sate tusuk for the need of meal. While for the need of ritual there are so many types that will not be described here. Sate lilit has the main material of meat of fish which is cut very thin, then pounded in a tool called lesung to get very subtle and sticky meat. Mature coconut meat separately grated with the most thin slices then mixed with traditional Bali flavor weather it is still totally traditional or has been reduced to be much more light. The percentage of meat and grated coconut meal is 1 to 10 or more. Some like to make it with more different combination, and it is free for everyone to make their preferences. All these material are mixed into one cuisine. Sticks are made of bamboo or coconut leave trunk or lemon grass wth the lengh around 15 cms. Mixed mateirals than sticked on the top of the stick. Sticked materials now called sate. To cook this sticked meat or sate there are choices of baking on the fire which are mostly done for traditional style in the past or present, and fried on coconut oil. The methode of cooking will resulting different tastes. Most Balinese prefer cooking by baking on fire, as it has unique tastes compared to frying, but with frying the meat will stay longer without experiencing staleness.

Sate tusuk is slices of meat or fish boiled in water until cooked, the flavors are also soaked into the boiling water to seep the tastes to the meat. After the meat is cooked with the flavors thatn each of the sliced meat are put on the stick 4 or 5 slices each stick. Sticked meat than baked on fire until the color looks green with some black due to fire heat. This ready to be served. bali cuisine

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Among various tour packages and tour options in Bali there are some tours which can be said always on the publications and interest a large part of travellers to Bali. Kintamani mountain tour sits at the first number as the most popular sightseeing tour, second is Taman Ayun and Tanah Lot tour, third is Uluwatu temple tour.

  1. Kintamani tour bring combination of watching barong dance, beautiful temple architecture, beautiful natural views, dance, carving, accessories and painting bul see description
  2. Taman Ayun and Tanah Lot temples are two historical heritages from 17th, Taman Ayun palace temple which is always found near palaces of Balinese king starting 18th century bul see description
  3. Uluwatu temple located on steep drop cliff on the southernmost tip of Bali island. bul see description