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The name of Minang in complete form is Minangkabau an area between North Sumatra and South Sumatra province, while in the east is Jambi province. On the island of Sumatra there are 3 distict ethnic group the Aceh, Batak and Minangkabau. The Minang is undoubtly Malay origin, but differnet from common Malay, as they have almost the same languate and dialect, but differs sharply in the tradition of ownership, even this tradition continues after Islamization of this area around 18th century, now known as the most obedient Islam beside the Aceh in Indonesia. Minangkabau today is better known as West Sumatra province with center of administration at Padang city located on the west beach.

Minang cookingThe tradition of passing down the family heritage to the daughter instead of the son causing many Miang people move to other parts of Indonesia with the skill of cooking traditional Minang and open restaurant where he live. This is almost all part of Indonesia, one is not difficult to find Padang food or Miang food, not exepted in Bali one can even find this restaurant at every corner in Bali, especially in the town. The tastes of this cooking which is almost the same as traditional food of Bali causing it is easily accepted by Balinese. During the development of tourists in Bali this cooking also got attention of tourists.

The main material for cooking of Minang is beef, as they are already 100% Islam they follow the tradition of it, wherever he lives. Specific character of Minang food is the use of profusely coconut juice or santan on every single type of their cuisine not only for vegetables but also for meat. Balinese also introdueces to use santan as the flavor of cooking, but use only for certain cake nor for cooking main menu. It is correct that santan can make the cooking is taste and extremly delicious. This is the main reason that Miang food is widely accepted in Indonesia.

When one have meal at Minang restaurant there are many ways so far practiced by the restaurant. One is just sitting and waiting the server to bring you all type of food to your table. In this case one must be careful, one bowl of vegetables consist of 4 pieces for example if you take only one that full charge for the bowl will be incurred, so basically you are considered to have ordered full bowl if you can pack it and bring home. Secondly most Minang restaurnt only count on comsumption meaning count only wha you consumed, it means you can take any piece at any bowl or plates served on the table without worrying to be charged all costs. Third is choosing your own and inform that server and this very practical and preferred ways, but not all restaurants can do this. While in some cities such as Jakarta and Jogyakarta now self service among Minang restaurants are available. It is just like buffer system, where charge is not based onn what you consume, but based on your presence, wheather you eat small, or extremely big then the charge is the same. This system is not found in Bali so far. bali cuisine

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