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Very popular name now among international travellers is lawar, mixed vegetable with coconut meat which tastes is sharpened with natural flavors. There are many type of lawars based on the materials for composing the cooking, such as red lawar, and white lawar which is a large part made of coconut meat, and other is vegetable and meat, while others are made of a large part by vegetables with very small part of grated coconut and sliced meat. Traditional cooking of lawar is also using very strong flavor or basa that would not suitable for non Balinese stomach, even some Balinese are also not suitable for such cooking.

Not all kind of vegetables can be cooked into lawar, normally made of young bean fruit, jack fruit and carambol leaves are popular. On Bali highland young fern leave is very favorite beside papaya fruit. The main material such as jack fruit, young bean fruit, papaya, young fern leaves are sliced into very small pieces, while coconut meat is grated in many shapes such as into very small irregular pieces or very thin layers, depending on the shape of the preferred grater flavored with emba. Prepared lawar using rajang - thin sliced flavor then fried in coconut oil, also known as emba - resulting different taste which is said resulting stronger tastes.

Lawar cuisine of BaliLawar is the most favorite cooking during religious rituals, family rituals or any family activities involving many persons. Lawar is the most popular in Bali among unique cooking, as when an event is organized the presence of lawar among the cooking is really make the situation look festive. There is wht if there is a ceremony or any event of Bali tradition, lawar is the first plan in cooking work with its all preparations. Not all Balinese can prepare lawar to make it really tasty and attracting presentation both red and white lawar at one hand and full vegetable lawar at the other hand.

Not all big restaurant in Bali serve lawar ready for travellers unless it is specially ordered, due to its complicated process of cooking, except local traditional warung which serves mainly Balinese. Althought this small warung is local, but they also understand how to prepare this cooking if the guest is not Balinese by reducing the flavor content. The way the prepare the cooking is not at once ready to enjoy, but still in the form of separated materials, and is fully prepared whenever guest has ordered at place. bali cuisine

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