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suckling pig Bali

For Balinese there is no forbidden mateiral is to be observed due to religious belief it is given the people itself to understand how they understand their edible material which one is good and which is not based on historical pattern of knowing the source of meal. This way must have been belonged to all nations. But in the group of priests there are forbidden material due to myth created by oncient writers or preachers such as forbidden to eat beef, pig or others. This interdiction is connected to the myth which is believed by the priest without making an inquiry why it was such as that.

suckling pig BaliThe specific material in cooking the guling, what is called basa, flavor in English. Basa is a composition of materials consist of chili, onion, garlic, curcuma, ginger, camiri, galanga camperia, galanga india, nutmeg, black or white pepper, lemon grass, and citrus. There are 2 types of basa known in Bali, that are basa rajang or basa gede which is made from above material, but pounded in a tools called lesung and alu. Only latetly lesung and alu is changed with "penyantokan". The penyantokan is carved from natural stone. Second one is emba, and this type is made of mostly sliced onion, garlic and chili then fried with coconut oil. This flavor kill the backteria and micro biotics contained in the meat.

suckling pig BaliA young of around 5 month pig is cleaned from intestine, hairs, outer skin, and all considered not clean parts. In stomach vault is filled with vegetable especially young leaves of cassava with a bulk of basa, then cooking process is started. The process of cooking take long time with on the wood fire by winding suckled pig in a bamboo pole on strong heat but within a distance and this can takes hours until the skin become crispy and the meat totally soft.

This traditional suckling pig is very popular among various travellers except Moslem, and again this traditional cuisine of Bali become go international. It is not only Bali has this type of cuisine, but also the people of Batak in North Sumatra. Only there is great difference of tastes among these two due to different flavour and is probably the process of cooking. In Bali one can find also suckling pig offered by the Batak restaurant. One of the most famous restaurant in Bali offering suckliing pig known world wide is Bumbu Bali, managed by German chef who live in Bali. bali cuisine

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