Chicken Betutu Gilimanuk
Special traditional cuisine of Bali
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Betutu Gilimanuk

Gilimanuk is the name of a town on the westerntip of Bali as the sea port of sea transport from Java to Bali. The transport is served by local company who covers only between island to island and between places of rivers and lakes. The company not authorize to serve wide ocean transportation. The town is no only known as bussy intra-insular port and ancient site of beach vilage probably pre-copper era now preserved in the museum in the town, but lately also with the cuisine of very delicious chicken cuisine also known as Betutu, aside from traditional betutu known in Ubud using duck as main meat. Or probably inspired by the cuisine in Ubud with different materials

Chicken BetutuThe process of cooking also takes long time, after given strong Bali flavours, wrapped with coconut bottom part skin of the leave trunk. Wrapped chicken burried in ashes of wood fire for a day or more before it is condiered cooked well. Today much of the cooking uses preasure pan which takes less then 1 hour. Both methode resulting different tastes, the tradional one resulting much more better tastes, although the softness can be the same. Cooked betutu with preasure pan costs much cheaper, so probably most restaurant uses this way to serve more efficient cooking, unless a special order is given. Today one can easily find a restaurant serves betutu Gilimanuk in places such as Kuta, Nusa Dua, Sanur and Denpasar city. The cost for one set of lunch or dinner for example is very fair around Rp 75.000 per portion for full size of chicken of almost 0.5 km net weight cooked chicken. One easy to find is located at Tuban town, south Kuta. The taste of betutu Gilimanuk here is good not much difference from traditionally cooked. bali cuisine

Betutu Gilimanuk
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