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Beatutiful beach of Bali island
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Tulamben beach is located on easternmost tip of Bali at in the area of village named Kubu, 30 km from capital city of Kabupaten Karangasem Amlapura. The beach faces Bali strait and Lombok island at the distance where top of mount Rinjani is visible. The location is quiet far from Denpasar or Kuta wich is around 130 kms through the previous main road.

The area of Tulamben and environment east of Mount Agung was directly affected by the eruption in 1963, where volanic sand and stones are abundant along the area, and the land looks barren during dry seasons all plants change into yellowish color lack of water. While certain plants can grow well such as red ercis, jambusier, corn and yam. Lately there is a founddation developping the cultivation of rosella including the process of prdoducing it into rosella tea ready to be consumed. The product is international standard, so they can be exported to any counries as typical product from the area. Local people can grow caws although during dry season it eats dry grass or dry leaves.

In 11 January 1942 an American cruising cargo ship Liberty was shooted with torpedo by Japanese navy, causing she stacked 30 m off Tulamben beach. The effort to drag her for salvation to Pabean port in Singaraja was not succeed, and an effort to decontructure in 1963 was also fail due to the eruption of mount Agung. Lat last the wreckage was just left over there. This wreck is not home of hundreds of fish with rich variation and beautiful coral reef. The formation of coral is continuing although there are so many divers visiting the site that worrying to damage the living corals.

According to Under Water Indonesia, the view on the area of Liberty wreck reaches 15 meters, grows of coral in good pace, fish variation is rich reaching 400 species which was observed by Rudie Kuiter who repeateady dived the site and succeded in compiling a book with the title Guide to Indonesia Fishes. The best time to dive is during full moon when the tide is high giving deeper water the area. Due to feeding by divers, fishes become so tame and close to the people and this might give more interest to the divers.

Acdording to Water Indonesia diving site of Tulamben is one of the most popular in Indonsia, and causing various divers staring from beginners want to dive in this site only for prestige. This is dangerous for the environment of the site, especially the micro organism and young corals due to their fin movement that is not safe for the water. Also with the popularity of Tulamben many accommodation from the simple to star hotels have been contructed in the are of Tulamben and Kubu. This is good for local poeple economy, but the most important is the continuity of such development, becuase diving travel is limited not as normal travel activities such as leisure holiday.

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