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The area now known as Nusa Dua before 1980 was the area of Bualu traditional village which is still can be seen before the gate to the right is this village. East of the village the land was not good for farming, only coconut, and melon can grow well. During tourism ministery was headed by Mr. J. Ave the area was decided to be developed into elite tourism destination. To facilitate this plan then established the corporation with the name Bali Tourism Development Corporation ( BTDC ). This company is given the authrority to manage the land or land consolidation that will deal with the new investors. First 5 star hotel was realized that was Nusa Dua Beach hotel and Putri Bali hotel. The construction of hotels continuous including ultra modern Bali Convention Center. This modern convention is able to host up to thousands of delegates, and has hosted world's largest and prestigious conferences both corporations and government world wide.

One of important reason of developing east Bualu as tourist special facilitie are unproductive land, small number of population, and beautiful beach with white sand, and glass clear water and torquois color. Sea bed is visible very clear because clear water, and is also supported by the attitude of local people who do not throw wastes to the sea or water, and even built temple to protect the nature. At one of the beach called Geger beach one can find a temple built by local people to indicate that the beach and the sea is sacred and to keep them clean. They will implore to the god that whoever contaminate the water to be cursed. With this tradition it is expected that fishermen will always do not less of fish.

At the tip of cape runs north there is also a traditional fishing village called Tanjung located around 2 km from Bualu. Both village share a myth saying that 2 small island on east beach close to bualu originated from 2 soldiers who were exiled due to theri mistake, and those 2 islands are their belonging of each. Other myth says that when south Bali was shaken by masive quake sung most of the islands previously plenty there. When quake was over people see only 2 island remains, so the people shouting " nu sa dadua" meaning " oh masih ada dua " Second myth about quake is true, that the formation of south Bali foot is believed not without great shaking of tectonic activties, but the workd "nusa" is Malay means land same as "gili" for local word. Gate of toll Nusa Dua The proof can be seen at a lime stone cave called gua Selonding near current building of Udayana university, on a slope of high hill. There is a stalagmit an stalaknit with many equatic animal fosils. Despite the fact that since long time this area without water, how could here happened such formation? if not it was uplifting sea bed.

The beach of Bualu since the project of elite tourism destination is contructed the area renamed Nusa Dua, with beutiful sea and beach consistent soft wave and subtle sea breeze, the area is a perfect place as the destination of upper class travellers. Bali Mandara toll road At the northern beach of Tanjung the sea water is really stable and calm beside the beach is clean and subtle sand protected by mangrove forest at th west, Denpasar city beach on the north with Benoa harbor, and Serangan island at the north east. It is a blessing for the people of traditional village of Tanjung that they can offer various activities on their beach such as water sport, scuba diving, turtle island tour including luxury cruise tour to the island of Nusa Lembongan.

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