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Geger Beach Nusa DuaGeger beach ( read gégér ) is locate on the east coast of Nusa Dua in the area of traditional villag called Pemige, Desa Sawangan. Near the beach is now stands Nikko hotel a 5 star deluxe hotel, which is hides among cliff shore and trees making the view extremely beautiful. Easiest way is turn right at the last traffic light before the gate of Nusa Dua, and you will see the sign “ Geger beach” but do not follow this road as it is very bad and continue to Nikko hotel, 500 meter before Nikko there is a small bridge, and follow the raod to the left before this bridge around 200 meters is the beach.

This is the only good beach for swimming at the southern part of Nusa Dua where big waves are far deep in the sea and when reaching the beach the waves have been broken and soft. The water is also beautiful looks blue clean blending on the white sand beach with warm sea breeze. Compared to other beaches on the east coast of Nusa Dua, Geger beach is more quiet and relaxing, very view tourists are walking on the area as the hotels are quiet away beside each of them has their own private beach already.

Beside good for swimming at the beach one can see also local people growing seaweeds, and onnick riding along the beach. There many onnicks on the beach waiting to be hired and bring guests to enjoy the beach of Nusa Dua to Ungasan area for around 1 hour. Further south toward Nikko hotel and further the shore is the same as west shore there are high steep cliffs with narrow beach below. A visit to this east beach of southern part of Bali giving different impression of the island, compared to the beach of Jimbaran, Kuta and Sanur. Today many travel facilities have been available in this beach such as shops, restaurants, and beach activities that travelers can enjoy.

Geger TempleA big temple is standing overlooking the beach called the temple of Geger Dalem Pemutih. It is proable that the name of Geger beach is taken from the name of the temple. The temple looks magnificent and big with now has been renovated and added zoning contracture it looks beautiful. With the view of the beach and open view to the sea the temple is really giving good impression to the visitor or people who come for praying. Many people connect the existence of this temple with the ruling family of Kepakisan dynasty, saying that Dalem Waterrenggong that already taking care of the temple, and even the king of Dalem Dimade is said being taken over his rule by his army head I Gusti Agung Maruti due to his decision to manage the country from Ungasan village where he built second palace and born his children in this village. It is probably the same source saying that one of royal family was refuged at Ungasan due to conflict at the palace in Semarapura whose name is mentioned as Dalem Petak Jingga the brother of Dalem Dimande, who then settle here. So, the chronic is onflicting in its own descriptions. The fact is that the name of the temple mentioned Dalem, meaning that the temple was probably already exist during the fading of Amlapura, where many king’s assistant or baudandas leaving the palace and planted his stronghold for a new kingdom which probably the beginning of the birth of many smaller kingdoms in Bali. The name of Dalem is true having the connection with the ruling family in Amlapura, but the ame Petak meaning white, and Jingga meaning rainbow is a conflict of words on itself, if we think that the name of the temple is taken for the name of Dalem Petak. But according to the tradition a glimp of fact must be contained in the story. From the name itself isn't it reflect intentionally made unclear name of Gelgel? Gegel? as before in Klungkung the palace was in Gelgel. It is very interesting to be seached further by historian.

The fact is that Geger temple has become popular among Balinese staring the conduction of ritual for the safety of Bali after noisy discussion about the tsunami potential of this area following great quake of Aceh, West Sumatra and Nias. The riual was conducted in , 25 Juni 2006, shortly after that Bali was shaken by soft quake, but Jogya was damaged by only 6.5 RS. Popularity is not stop there but during election, weather is local government, rector or dean of a university or academy this temple become place to ask winning chance for those lack of self confidence, it is a pity.

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