Amed and Cemeluk Beaches
Beatutiful beach of Bali island
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The beach of Amed is known also as the beach of Cemeluk, located on he east of Bali, the administative area of Kabupaten Karangasem. From Denpasar city it is around 126 kms through the city of Karangasem and Tulamben beach. The location is around 29 kms from the capital city of Karangasem kingdom which is now the kabupaten with the area on the eastern tip of Bali with the capital city known as Amlapura, once as the capital city of Karangasem kingdom with the area covering Lombok and Sumbawa island before 1780s.

Natual conditon of the land on the area is barren with very small of rain fall, resulting difficult for the farmer to grow rice like other part of Bali. In the area palm leaves grow very well which is also a source of living for local people for tapping its juice and processed into sugar. This natural conditions obliges the people to live as fishermen, and a part migrated already to other part of Bali or other parts of Indonesia such as Sumatra, Sulawesi and Kalimantan. Yet its natural views are very beautiful, especially durin sunrise.

There are excellent sites for scuba diving such as Tulamben and Amed which are already very popular since 1970s, causing the area around those places developped into various accommodation from simple bungalows up to medium category hotels as the base of divers.

The beach has no white subtle sand like other beach of of Bali instead some with small stones or black sand. This is not important for divers except the 2 sites that always interesting for every under water lovers started from Cemeluk beach around 2 kms from Amed then continued to have diving at one of the best diving site of Indonesia that is Tulamben.

According to Under Water Indonesia, A Guide to The World's Greatest Diving by Karl Muller and the Editor David Pickkell the sites here have the best variation of fishes, the same as that in Manado and other east Indonesia sites in general. Flat coral beds, sloping gently and walls, visibility can be more then 20 m, and current is gentle. Coral type is various, hard and very beautiful.

Some good accommodations in the area well known as the divers base can be found around Tulamben beach and also around Amed beach. There are actually many choices from simple bungalows up to medium class hotel, not only good for diving base, but also for those honyemoon holiday requiring very quiet area and free from the bustling business and fancy amusements. Beberapa akomodasi yang populer di daerah ini bukan saja untuk base diving tapi untuk liburan.

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