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Desa Singapadu is belong to the administrative area of Kecamatan Sukawati, Kabupaten Gianyar, 12 km away from Denpasar city, 27 km from Kuta and 37 km from Nusa Dua area. The status of Mas is at the level of " Desa " which means a unit of settlement autonomous in organization traditionally relating to the religious, social, and many aspects of traditional life. Normally a Desa is consist of many smaller unit of settlement which has it's own traditional organization called " Banjar ". Yet a Desa is not necessarily consist of many Banjar organizations, yet the most important requirements to be considered to be a level of Desa is ownership of at least 3 temples, cemetery and a meeting hall. In a very simplified way the Banjar can be translated into a village. That is the existence of Desa Singapadu which is by chance this level of settlement unit consist of many Banjars. By location Singapadu is only 2 km away from Batubulan town, and even today there is no clear border between them. See more