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As one of Malay ethnic root Balinese have the same thinking toward the problem of health, and this thinking got influence from Asia mainland tradition. In the course of times the spirit of new religions such as Hindu, Buddhist and Islam have given also their concept of solving the problem of health. The most original Balinese healing is now can not be seen anymore except the tradition which has been mixed up with various elements originated from the outside influences.

Between Magic and Reality

The present traditional method of Balinese healing can be seen from the character of the healers which are various. First is the healer using traditional medicine extracted from plants, animals, and others. This type of healer is called " Balian Usadha " They have books as a reference of various sickness and its medicines including the materials to make the medicine. Their technique of treating the patient is not only based on the material concept of healing, but they also use charms or amulets or mantras to give more power to the medicine. It is clear that from the mantras the influence of Tantrayana thought has been taken into the activity of patient treatment. Some healers from this type also suggest the patient to conduct certain ceremony, a traditional Hindu ritual to the evil spirit to neutralize their bad spiritual influence. The thought of potential power of human being which is nestling at the bottom of the backbone called " cakra" is also one way to self healing for human being. By bringing cakra into alive the diseases can be neutralized. To develop the potency of cakra one has to train himself through meditation and fasting of certain meal and action. Every one is said to have six cakras, and if all cakras can be brought to live one will radiate a nimbus or aura around his/her body. This is the indication that his/her health has been reaching complete enlightment of health This type is clearly showing strong influence ofTantric school, a Buddhist left hand school which influenced deeply other sects of Baliin the past especially Shivait school. One famous Balian usadha in Bali is found in the edge of Bangli town which can be visited during Kintamani tour with prior arrangement with tour guide. Or at Batumakaem village, can be visited with prior arrangement during Bedugul Jatiluwih tour or when a visitor take short tour to Tanah Lot tour. A famous balian usadha yet mixed with modern technique of treatment is at Besakih village. Many tourist have already visited his practice while joining Besakih temple tour

Ritualistic Treatment

Second type of Balinese healer is not by learning a book of medicine, but through revelation of natures power or spirit of the invisible. This type of healer also giving medicine but not formulated one, usually consist of water, flowers and other materials which are not necessary have name. This materials after given a ceremony at healers family temple or special room at his/her house then given to the patient to be used as powder or pounded to drink or to use as paste. It is often also with this healer that the patient is asked to conduct a ritual at home to the bad spirit who can affect human body and minds. This type of healer in Bali is called " Balian Taksu ". Taksu means personal potency which is given the enlightment by invisible power of nature or holy spirits. It is hard to find this type of Balian, if it is exist he/she often over visited not only by common people but also those educated, high rank, and rich people because of his/her magic result. It is often that a patient has been consulted by modern physician and even punished of uncured can be recovered by this type of healer. The basic concept of this healer is very ethical way of dedication to human life. As it is said hat the healer can not expect good return of his/her profession. As long as he/she can bring this concept in helping patient the treatment will effective, and once changes their orientation into money the treatment will not work. So they will live from voluntary donation from patient which is put on the offering in the form of small money called "Sarin Canang" which is actually the essence of voluntarily donation. Even sometimes the balian work without reward at all.

Spirit Communication

Third healer is a kind of medium to invisible spirits. A medium is mostly women, who can speak and hearing and discuss with invisible being including the ancestors of the patient. This is actually not a healer, but by her advises, often a long chronicle disease can be cured with hope and changing of perception in their daily life which is disclosed during the meeting of this balian. But still in Bali this medium is called "Balian Matuun". Matuun means ask advises from invisible spirits or as medium trance, ancestors and others of the problem the patient is facing. Normally the patient has asked help or consult his/her sickness to both traditional healers and modern physician but has been no hope. With this situation the family decided to go for a " matuun" and consult to the balian. The balian does not give any medicine, but normally advises that both the patient or the ancestor of the patient have ever done something worrying, such as building a house at wrong place, put some thing at wrong place, promise to make ceremony yet not realized, and many others. In this way the patient is informed of any misdeeds or promises even done by him or his/her ancestors. Bad side of this advises is often give clue to a person who has bad intention to the patient and his family with very vaigue indication. The indication then can be fall to wrong person. It is often advised by the balian that the person who had made bad cause, live on west side of the patient or a cross the river and others. This is indeed a dangerous hints for anybody.

Among three type of traditional healers in Bali almost all hold the opinion that diseases can be caused by the deeds of human. There are human who created the disease ( the leak ) and there is a healer ( balian ) to neutralize their bad intention. The leak and the balian often involve in a serious battle to resist each purpose which is reflected by the bolt of fire in the darkness even though here is no rain, no thunder said some old people, yet writer never see such a mistic.

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