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The role of art, especiallly painting, carvings, music and dance are among one of the most important aspects that making Bali known wold wide. Since the opening of first sea port of Singaraja in 1925s there are many travellers visiting Bali among which were artists, writer, journalists and historians package From first this early travellers the name of Bali spread fast both by informal discussion, travel writing, and journals which later attracted more and more people, even some artists spent years in Bali or for a life time such as Don Antonio Blanco, Le Mayeur, Robert Bonnet, wlater Spies and others. Many historians also charmed by the uniqueness of the island such and dedicated his his most sharpen research to dismantle the mistery of Bali. To mention a fiew of them such as Prof. Dr. Stein van Calenfels, Dr. Stutterheim, Dr Charles Damais, Prof. Dr. Bosch, Prof. Dr. A.J Bernet Kempers, and Dr. Stutterheim who was in Bali for a life time

The work of art is nurtured partly by religion especially Hindu Bali for the beauty of temple architecture, festivity of rituals and to make any religious activities alive and solemnity. As a restult developmenty of dance and music is the most widely practiced by people, which is exist at every village.

The lively art has made biggesty contribution to the economy of the island which before the proliferation of Islamic terrorists producing a big value of devise, especially US Dollars.



Art Center, known as Taman Budaya or Art Center architecturally is a complex of buildings with the main mark of a big open stage. Designed by a traditional Balinese architect Ida Bagus Pugur, opened for public in 1973.

Stone Carving, Stone carving is actually the main mark of Desa Batubulan since very long time ago which is around 1970s. The first sculpture, just like wooden carving use the main obyek were various myth such as the epic of Ramayana, Mahabharata, and others.

Gold and Silver Craft, Celuk must have been well known in all countries, that the main interest of this town is their production of specific accessories made of gold and silver. See also Desa Singapadu which has developping the same type of art and craft at later stage.

Orangutans Desa Mas is a complex of artist studio at the left and right sides of the main road leading to Ubud. Big exhibitions of wooden carving arts in each of the gallery house with artist working at the outside.

Banten, is a symbole of homage and worship to the good, made and arranged as beutiful as possible with the materials such as cakes, fruits, and meticulous cuts of young coconut leaves and various flowers. This art is made during temple rituals, family and cremation rituals.

Java Island Bali Artists, a dedication by 4 ways ( Catur Dharmas ) meaning 4 ways to worship the god. One of these way is acknowledge and appreciate human profession as the basis of praying, especially those do not have the ability to practice worship on the basis of philosophical ways.

Kamasan Painting The art of painting on true canvas was only started in 16th century, during the reign of Bali famous king of Watur Renggong. He ruled Bali between 1500 to 1559 AD, with center of kingdom at Gelgel, near current city of Klungkung.

Ubud Painting unique development of painting and carving art in Ubud was headed by royal figure of Tjokorde Gede Agung Soekawati, who initiate the formation of Ubud artist's association called "Pita Maha"

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Unique Arts of Bali

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Barong Dance
Barong Landung
Chinese Baris
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Janger Dance
Joged Dance
Kecak and Fire Dance
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Pendet Dance
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