Bali traditional music instruments
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Bali traditional music instruments

Gong BaliThe most Bali wide use of traditional music instruments is called gong or a set of gambelan is also use to refer this big number of instrument elements. Usually every set of gong is consist from 12 to 20 units of percussion instruments. It is quiet a big number of players in a music playing at any occasion. This type of traditional Bali music is the most widely owned by every village, and also there are some music groups and schools own a set of gong for their own show or learning purpose. The type of gong in Bali and that of Java, especially Jogyakarta as the center of Javanese culture have small differenciation, where set of gong in Bali has much more elements both in melody and supplements. Which one is earlier, Bali or Java until today can not be made clear, as historically showing paralel course.

At the early stage, gong was played only for the purpose of religious ritual for example during a temple ceremony gong is played, at some villages on southern lowland of Bali it is also played during burial or cremation ceremony beside other type called angklung music. During temple ceremony a complete set of play will be performed starting from the arrival of every one at the temple until the whole steps of the rituals are finished. During this occasion gong playing is not followed by sacred dance, but at appointed time during the process of ritual usually inserted with simple dance performed by young girls called rejang between 10 to 12 dances, then a simple baris performed by boys. Each dance will be enlived with specific music composition. This dance is very simple as it is considered as requirement of the ritual so no need professionals.

The melody of gong consist of 5 notes called slendro : 1 3 5 7 1, it can be seen at the instruments called gangsa, gender, riong and terompong. All these instruments are functioned as melody but each produces diferent color of sound to used as sound 1, 2 and 3 respectively. Gangsa melody itself as part of gong set usally made at least 6 units with the same notes. The notes of each gangsa are 12, but repeating the slendro structure. Other elements are including pairs of cimbles at least 5 pairs, and combined cimble usually 1 unit, 3 gongs - also name the 3 big disk like instrument, kempul the math, a pair of kendang or drum. This is the minimum type number of gong set to be able to play compositions known by every gong player group known as sekaa gong.

During certain ritual such as procession or burial ceremony only riong, kempul, cimbles, drum and gong are played. This part of the instruments is called gegantungan. The playing of this gegantungan is often very spirited and dynamic, very suitable to trigger a great spirit of any work or situation.

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